Sendo means providing quality and professional experience for everyone’s well-being. For us, well-being means rediscovering the roots of our deepest and most ancient essence, which we often lose contact with due to the stressful and hectic rhythms that we find ourselves living in.


Whether it’s our processing methods, our packaging, or the choices we make for our formulations, which contain a very high percentage of natural ingredients: everything is focused on giving you products that have been formulated using the wisdom of tradition, but guided by intelligent use of technology.


For our bottles, we wanted a basic, simple, and pure design, just like our formulations. A simplicity that means immediacy and ease of use, but does not sacrifice on aesthetic appearance.
In addition, all of the plastic that we use has a second life: it is 100% post-consumer recycled PET (a material that comes entirely from the separated collection of plastic waste).


Because we believe in a healthier and cleaner world.