Quality Management System


ISO 9001
The aim of an ISO 9001 quality system is to ensure that the product complies with the specified requirements. Thus, it illustrates that the company is able to consistently and comprehensively meet our customers’ expectations and that it will be able to achieve significant improvements in terms of organisational efficiency and product quality, thereby minimising waste, preventing errors and increasing productivity.

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices


ISO 22716
The GMP are a set of regulations that describe the methods, equipment, resources, and management used to manufacture our final products to ensure that they adhere to the appropriate quality standards. These oversee both production and quality control, they apply to all cosmetic products, and they take into consideration all of the factors and activities that are involved in creating our cosmetic products.



Biotechnology is a range of innovative technological processes that respect nature. They enable the full potential of plant organisms to be harnessed to obtain phytocomplexes with unique potential. For example, we can extract functional ingredients from just a small part of the plant, such as a leaf. In doing so, we avoid intensive farming and thus avoid altering the equilibrium of the subsoil.

Biotechnological active ingredients


Using biotechnology, it’s possible to obtain highly effective active ingredients, or phytocomplexes, that enhance the value of the intrinsic properties of a single active ingredient (e.g. rose, tomato, avocado…) . These active ingredients can vary in type; for example, they might be extracts that are particularly rich in functional ingredients, or phytocomplexes containing molecules carefully selected to enhance the properties of the original plant.



A Phytocomplex is a collection of molecules present in a plant organism. It’s formed of active ingredients and other non-active components that create the perfect synergy for the plant’s health. The use of these phytocomplexes is the added value in Sendo cosmetics.

Prebiotic active ingredients


Prebiotic active ingredients are a collection of nutrients that selectively favour the growth and activity of one or more existing bacteria. In this way, they help to maintain the balance of skin microbiota.

Skin microbiota


Skin microbiota is a collection of micro-organisms that live on and protect the skin. It varies according to age, the part of the body on which it lives, and the conditions to which it is subjected.



Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
The RSPO is a not-for-profit organisation created in 2003 which has developed a series of environmental and social criteria which companies must respect in the production of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO). If applied correctly, these criteria can help to minimise the negative impact of palm oil cultivation on the environment and on the communities in palm oil producing regions. Another positive factor on society is the commitment to prevent deforestation and to safeguard biodiversity and protected species in the areas destined for planting.

Carbon Footprint


The carbon footprint is a measure that expresses the total CO2 in the greenhouse gas emissions directly or indirectly associated with a product, service or organisation.

Cosmos Natural


COSMOS NATURAL is a certification standard that sets out the requirements a cosmetic product must meet in order to be defined as natural.
The objective of Cosmos is the application of the principles of sustainable development during the whole production and supply chain, from the selection of raw materials to the distribution of the finished product.